About Nexgen Academy

We are passionate and dedicated people who have grown up in the Liverpool area and have experienced what it’s like to be rejected from school and the academy system. Although we were affected and our education suffered with the rejection we used it to our advantage to better ourselves and we see the NexGen Academy as a way of putting something back into our community, helping to develop young people to say that you can achieve something in life.

We have 24 years’ experience of working in professional football, local communities, managing successful projects, managing successful teams and developing players who have gone on to bigger and better things. We also have experience of managing leisure centres and regeneration development projects in how they operate and engage people.

we are an official partner of the Shankly Family Foundation.

Our Ethos is

  • To ensure young people are afforded appropriate progression routes which will lead to having a positive future
  • Work in partnership with other professionals, schools and agencies to raise pupils attainment and achievement
  • Develop innovative and quality driven approaches to learning
  • Deliver a curriculum underpinned by challenge, choice and customisation·
  • Provide pupils with compassion and challenge within a stable and structured environment
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How to find us

Dovecot MAC
Back of Dovecot Place
L14 9BA

Kevin Lynch 07736 683 513
or Hugh Shacklock 07515 637 130

Email : info@nexgenacademy.co.uk