NexGen Academy’s Alternative Education Provision

We offer a range of accredited programmes i.e. ASDAN Functional Maths & English plus personal awards, Duke of Edinburgh, Sports Leaders and Mental Toughness, Resilience & Leadership programme tailored to the abilities and interests of young people.

NexGen Academy’s main focus is the support of young people who do not currently attend school or are at risk of being excluded.

We believe passionately that NexGen Academy, through our values, brand and reputation contributes significantly to helping young people who often face challenges in achieving positive educational outcomes. We want to help young people enjoy inspirational and transformational learning opportunities so they may develop and thrive as successful citizens. We deliver an innovative, personalised high quality 25-minute sessions and our curriculum is supported by local stakeholders and partners from other organisations and businesses.

With the view to a natural progression post 16 onto a pre-apprentice programme or higher education once school is finished. Specific professionals will be brought in to work in conjunction with the DFE Preventive Duty guidelines. Our service includes options around education attainment and employment, by building the students’ knowledge, understanding and life-skills that will improve and broaden their career alternative opportunities outside the academic environment.

Our Ethos is
  • To ensure young people are offered appropriate progression routes which will lead to having a positive future.
  • Work in partnership with other professionals, schools and agencies to raise pupil’s attainment and achievement.
  • Develop innovative and quality driven approaches to learning.
  • Deliver a curriculum underpinned by challenge, choice and customisation.
  • Provide pupils with compassion and challenge within a stable and structured environment.
  • Turn bold and creative educational innovation into tangible results through clearly defined leadership.
  • Use robust governance to guarantee that high standards of learning are maintained and to challenge the NexGen Academy during its development.
  • Build pupil’s self-esteem and nurture positive self-belief by promoting teamwork, social and emotional awareness as well as promoting resilience and personal development and covering the transition from school to NEET to Apprenticeship work.

Our Partners